"Some devious little goblins have been robbing our merchants! When pursued, they simply open portals and disappear with a most aggravating chuckle. The peasantry seem to believe that the goblins serve a great demon lord known as Greed and furthermore, that their portals lead to Greed's domain! A ludicrous notion, truly."
Abd al-Hazir[1]
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Treasure Goblins are small demons that steal loot, carrying said loots in sacks over their shoulders. They are servants to the demon lord Greed, and they enter his domain from the mortal realm through portals.[1]


"Treasure goblins are highly trained professionals, specializing in the transportation of valuable goods throughout the dangerous lands of Sanctuary. They are particularly skilled at engaging evasive maneuvers when avoiding the hostilities of local Nephalem. Though the reward may be great, one must be cautious in approaching the timid and excitable Treasure Goblin, lest you find yourself guided through a gauntlet of dangerous elite packs."
—Nevalistis in a joke post[2]

Treasure Goblins are found throughout Diablo III. Four types of Treasure Goblin exist, each identified by colour; the blue Treasure Pygmy, the green Treasure Goblin, the red Treasure Seeker and the Treasure Bandit. As they take damage they will drop gold, with each hit increasing the amount dropped. Killing them will spill their entire loot onto the floor, which typically includes potions, extra gold, as well as magical and sometimes rare armor and weapons. The loot becomes progressively better as the player continues the story as he/she encounters more Treasure Goblins.




File:Treasure Goblin Statue.jpg
  • Blizzard Entertainment staff were gifted with Treasure Goblin statues in the 2012 holiday period. The statue was sculpted by former McFarlane Toys sculptor Brian Fay (currently Blizzard Entertainment Sculpting Lead), and sculptor/owner of Claymator Studios.[3]
  • A Treasure Goblin prop for Xbox Live can be purchased for $5. It is referred to as the "king of bling."[4]


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